1. What is the "BII-Maybank Bali Marathon" run competition?
    BII-Maybank Bali Marathon is a marathon race with an international standard

  2. Is the run competition only for marathon race? Are there another categories of run competition?
    The categories that are contested in BII-Maybank Bali Marathon are:
    a. Full-marathon (42.195 km distance) (both individual and relay)
    b. Half marathon (21.0975 km distance)
    c. 10 km run
    d. Kid's sprint (race for children with maximum age is 12 years old max):
    • <2 years (parent assisted): 70 m
    • 3 - 4 years : 70 m
    • 5-6 years: 200 m
    • 7-8 years: 350 m
    • 9-10 years: 600 m
    • 11-12 years: 750 m

  3. When the race is held?
    The race will be held on Sunday, 22 April 2012

  4. Where the race will be held?
    Race will be held in Bali island, Indonesia, particularly in Gianyar area.

  5. Where is the start and finish line of the race?
    Start and finish line will be located in Bali Safari and Marine Park

  6. Where is the information for marathon route / course map for each category of race?
    It can be viewed on the website

  7. How much is the registration fee?

    Race Category International Indonesia BII Credit Card Holders BII-Maybank Employee
    Full Marathon $60
    Rp.240.000 Rp.200.000
    Half Marathon
    Rp.205.000 Rp.150.000
    10K $30
    Rp.170.000 Rp.100.000
    Marathon Relay $180
    Rp.1.620.000 Rp.1.200.000
    Children's Sprint $10
    Rp.45.000 Rp.30.000

  8. Does the registration fee include the cost of transportation and lodging while in Bali?
    The registration fee does not include the cost of transport to Bali and lodging while in Bali

  9. How to register?
    Register online through BII-Maybank Bali Marathon website or manual registration that opened in certain BII-Maybank branches.

  10. Where are the BII-Maybank branches that opened for manual registration?
    1. Branch Thamrin, Jakarta
    2. Branch Juanda, Jakarta
    3. Branch Fatmawati, Jakarta
    4. Branch Martadinata, Bandung
    5. Branch Pemuda Surabaya, Surabaya
    6. Branch Malang, Malang
    7. Branch Pemuda, Semarang
    8. Branch Udayana, Denpasar
    9. Branch Balikpapan, Balikpapan
    10. Sub Branch Kaliurang, Yogyakarta
    11. Branch Makassar, Makassar

  11. What items the participants get on registration and race?
    • Each participant (for all categories) will receive an exclusive running shirt.
    • Full-marathon participants who achievethe finish line will receive a medal and T-shirts "finisher".
    • Half-marathon participants who achievethe finish line will receive a medal.

  12. How to make payment for manual registration?
    For manual registration payment can be made through BII-Maybank Bali Marathon account no:
    IDR. 2-003-556933
    USD. 2-003-603670
    Bank Name: Bank International Indonesia
    City: Jakarta

  13. Prizes for the winners?


    PODIUM Women (US$) Men (US$)
    1st 20,000 20,000
    2nd 15,000 15,000
    3rd 10,000 10,000



    PODIUM Women (US$) Men (US$)
    1st 3,500 3,500
    2nd 2,000 2,000
    3rd 1,000 1,000


    PODIUM Women (US$) Men (US$)
    1st 10,000 10,000
    2nd 5,000 5,000
    3rd 2,500 2,500


    PODIUM Women (US$) Men (US$)
    1st 1,000 1,000
    2nd 800 800
    3rd 700 700


    PODIUM Women (US$) Men (US$)
    1st 700 700
    2nd 600 600
    3rd 500 500


    1st 500
    2nd 400
    3rd 300

  14. How do I go to the start?
    The Committee will provide a bus for the participants (and their supporters) in the pick-up points(Ubud, Sanur, Kuta and Nusa Dua). Please do check and fill in the box of pick-up points inBII-Marathon website upon online registration before youcan use the facility.

    Considering the start of first race will begin at 5 am, the pick-up will be made to the schedule *) as follows:
    a. Ubud Bali pick-up started at 3:30 AM
    b. Sanur Bali pick-up started at 3.30 AM
    c. Nusa Dua Balipick-up started at 3:00 AM
    d. Kuta Bali pick-up started at 3:15 AM
    *) If there are changes on schedule, it will be announcedat race kit distribution H-2/1 before D day.

    Alternatively, participants may arrange or use their own transport to go to the start linethat located nearby Bali Safari and Marine Park.

  15. What time participants have to standby to start and the start time begins?

    @ START
    Full Marathon 4.45 am 5.00 am
    Half Marathon 5.00 am 5.30 am
    10 km run 5.30 am 6.00 am
    Kids Dash    
    11-12 years - 750 meters (4 loops) TBD TBD
    9-10 years - 600 meters (3 loops) TBD TBD
    7-8 years - 350 meters (2 loops) TBD TBD
    5-6 years - 200 meters (one loop) TBD TBD
    3-4 years - 70 meters TBD TBD
    0-2 years - 70 meters TBD TBD